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The Bernese Mountain Dog is loving, quiet, and very intelligent, he learns quickly and loves free spaces and exercise or merely resting next to his owner. The Bernese loves children and other animals and will bond to his owner for life. Reserved with strangers, without showing aggression, he is always alert and ready to protect his family. A large muscular dog, he is at home with other animals or people but when strangers appear, his mere presence inspires respect.

We raise and show these beautiful dogs in a family atmosphere in the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountains of Utah. We are not commercial breeders but occasionally will have a puppy available, and we will on occasion have a show quality puppy available. We strive to raise long lived dogs with excellent characters as our first goal. Our adults are imported from the best European breeders and have been researched to provide the very best genetic histories. We have dogs with the classic European Bernese look, heavy, wide dogs with long thick fur. Our dogs all pass their health clearances to minimize the chances of hereditary diseases.

If you would like more information on our Berners please contact us using our secure FORM . We occasionally have puppies available and we also offer stud services and do have show puppies available on occasion to qualified breeders and show people.



Southcourt Quebranto - Best of Breed - Crufts 2014

One of our Spanish bred Berners, McCain is, in addition to Crufts 2014BOB,
European Champion 2013 BOB, Champion of Swedish 2014
Champion of France 2013, Grand Champion of Portugal 2014
International Champion, Champion of Spain 2011
Champion of Portugal 2011, Champion of Gibraltar 2011
Porto Winner 2014, Champion of Asturias Sapin 2010

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These videos show our dogs at work and play and important information every pet owner should know



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Bernese rocky mountains Bernese Mountain Dog puppies

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