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We research blood lines back numerous generations to insure that our dogs are genetically correct for breeding and showing. We are not commercial breeders but will occasionlly have a puppy available. With a limited breeding population, the Bernese Mountain Dog has experienced a decrease in average longevity over the last decade. We pride ourselves in selecting Berners from long-lived and healthy lines. MORE PHOTOS OF POWDER KEG FARM. Also see some of our favorite VIDEOS.


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bernese mountain dog puppies

:Los Tres Hermanos

Rhianna dallas bernese

Rhianna and Dallasina

Benrese Zante

Zante Zhivago at full run

dallas bernese

Dallas on the alpine slopes in Spain

lula and owner bernese

Two lovely girls

bernese mountain dogs

Taking a hike in the Spanish Hills

Bernese Beowulf

Beowulf at show

marlon in cart bernese

Beowulf catching a ride when still a puppy

marlon and lupi in country bernese

Marlon and Lupi exploring

grace bernese mountain dog

Grace ever the beautiful girl

Bernese headed cross country

Headed home after a long winter's hike on the farm

alea in snow bernese

Lea first winter's storm

Bella bernese

Bella Beowulf's daughter

Lur bernese

Lur in the Spanish Pyrenees, his owner, an avid mountain climber, takes Lur on many rugged mountain adventures

Bernese Marlon

Taking a break on a hot summer's day

tigerbrisa bernese

Color effects

beo and kids bernese

Beowulf getting some attention from his smaller fans

gibralter bernese

Beowulf at his first dog show

Bernese Ashley

Ashley in winter attire

benrese snow

Indra ready for winter's worst